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Newsletter December 2018

24 Dec 2018

Cheerful December and greetings from Findhorn, Scotland where we are currently on our outpost. During these dark days we are finding light in the sunny mid mornings that gasp an orange glow...


Newsletter November 2018

20 Nov 2018

Newsletter Contents: 1) Slava Theatre with Viktoria Siwek and Elin Tisell 2) Study of Human Kind with Geseke Lundgren and Andrew Sebzda 3) Biography Work with Annie Meijer and Marry Mcarthy 4)...


Newsletter October 2018

26 Oct 2018

During the past weeks the scenery around us has changed quite drastically. The trees went from green to red, orange and yellow and now, in the cold autumn winds and the brilliant sun the last are...


Newsletter September 2018

21 Sep 2018

After a long, warm summer, full of (re) connecting and initiatives, YIP 11 has started. Twenty five young people have travelled from all over the world to spend the next 10 months together as a...


Closing The Circle

16 Jun 2018

As mid-summer draws in we get closer and closer to the closing of YIP10. From Initiative Weeks, to Personal Project Presentation & Outdoor Experience, the group find themselves on a crescendo...


Taking Initiative

15 May 2018

Spring finally hits Ytterjärna with force, the days are growing longer, night falls now around 10:30pm and the nightingales sing out their hearts in the dwindling darkness. The YIP community is...


Returning Home

19 Apr 2018

  It’s been two weeks now since all the Yippies have returned to Ytterjärna after 5 months, since they set off to the Brazil Outpost and journeyed onward to their International Internships....


Internship Special

15 Mar 2018

Last month the YIP community bade a farewell to their collegues in Piracanga as well as each other, breaking up into internship groups, they began the next phase of their YIP experience. This...


YIP Celebrates 10 Years!

2 Mar 2018

It’s time to celebrate and deepen our network to inspire new connections and initiatives for the future. The YIP community is warmly welcomed to Initiate, Integrate, Transform together in...


Hello 2018

17 Jan 2018

Newsletter Glossary  Thank you Robbie! The Newsletter will make much more sense now. *Commonly Used YIPUNI Terminology* •    Gava Training •    Stensta Floresta •    Bruno from São Paolo •    A...



14 Dec 2017

  YIP + UNI (YIPUNI – according to Sun, from South Korea, means: beautiful person) I have been navigating between two seas inside of myself: happiness and challenge. The group is bigger,...


Summer is Here!

12 Jul 2017

  Summer is Here!   Summer with its longest daylight hours has arrived. The trees and bushes are now in their full green splendour; flowers are in bloom bringing the warm summer air...


Reflections on YIP

7 Nov 2014

Dear friends, I wrote the text below in the spring of this year, 2014, at a time when the continuation of the program and its organization where wavering on the edge of existence. I felt called...

Thank you YIP6 and welcome YIP7

Thank you YIP6 and welcome YIP7

1 Jul 2014

Dear friends, members, alumni, contributors, parents, partners and other people in the network of YIP, YIP has just finished its 6th successful year. The twenty bright young people who graduated...


Impressions of YIP- The Essence

3 Jun 2014

Impressions of YIP- The Essence The student run project, ‘Impressions of YIP- The Essence,’ is ready for purchase! The Essence is a limited edition publication, as there are only 700 printed...


Initiative Forum 2014

25 Apr 2014

ShIFt was an amazing experience both for the individuals within YIP6, as well as for our whole group all together. This year we had 200 people joining us from all around the world, and it was a...


Welcome to Ytterjärna

15 Apr 2014

For those of you who have never before visited us here at the YIP campus, this is for you! Initiative Forum, takes place in Ytterjärna, Sweden, a rural community located 50km south of Stockholm....


International Internships 2014

27 Mar 2014

The YIP-International Internships were closed this year with two mornings of inspiring presentations by the participants, a magical interactive dance-performance by the Amsterdam-group, and a...


YIP in Transition

17 Mar 2014

We asked Rose Nekvapil, one of the founders of YIP, to write a few words for our newsletter. She had complete freedom in choosing what she wanted to bring, and this is her article: It has been...


Initiative Forum 2014

8 Jan 2014

15 – 20 April 2014 Järna, Sweden Initiative Forum is an annual conference hosted by the Youth Initiative Program in Jarna Sweden. It is hosted by and for people who want to enact positive...


Happy Holidays

19 Dec 2013

We wish you all Happy Holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2014! Make sure you check out our YIP Mittens Auction Buy your holiday gift and support an organisation you love at the...


Fabula Collective

3 Dec 2013

Sandra and Melanie, both YIP alumni, co-founded an initiative some months ago: Fabula Collective vzw – New Myths New Forms (www.fabulacollective.org). Fabula Collective vzw is a...


Classroom alive is reaching Athens!

29 Nov 2013

Classroom Alive – Sweden to Greece – is a 6-month walking studies across Europe. By stepping out of the brick and mortar classroom, the students has taken up their individual questions and...



28 Nov 2013

As YIP transitions from an initiative to an organisation, the YIP6 team decided to implement a new organisational structure called Holacracy to facilitate this transition. Holacracy is a social...


YIP6 so far – Olga Bloemen

24 Nov 2013

Last week’s contributor Marcel de Leuw introduced a reflective exercise: to think back at the day and rewind it in your head like a video, speedily but minutely. Still, Marcel stressed, it is not...


The YIP House

1 Oct 2013

Six years ago, the Youth Initiative Program was launched as a pioneer project by the 5 enthusiastic founders who we all know: Ani Hanelius, Pernilla Fogelqvist,  Reinoud Meijer, Rose Nekvapil,...


YIP6 is here!

15 Sep 2013

This year we have accepted 20 participants, from 11 countries. One participant, Irvine Muzuva from Zimbabwe has yet to arrive due to Visa logistics, but we are expecting him in the next few...


Financial Situation

1 Sep 2013

Last spring, in an effort to meet YIP’s financial needs, we launched the YIP Friends Campaign. The idea was that YIP would become Community Supported Education, much as organic and biodynamic...


YIP Fee Increase

23 Jan 2013

The start of a new year is an exciting time at YIP. This year we are filled with excitement and anticipation as we open the application process for the 6th group of YIP Participants, YIP6! For...


Happy Holidays!

21 Dec 2012

As our participants are flying away to family and friends, or staying in cold winter wonderland Järna, we are taking a break and will be back in 2013! We thank you for your continues support,...


YIP is helping to Save Our Soils

21 Dec 2012

YIP is partner in the Save Our Soils Campaign! Just like previous years, YIP is partnering with Nature & More from the Netherlands for the Initiative Forum 2013. Each year we give them...


YIP Friends Campaign: 10.000 SEK!

10 Dec 2012

Just a few weeks after launching our friends campaign, we are already passing the 10.000 SEK mark! 50% of the commitment to make YIP possible comes from our Participants and Alumni themselves,...


Initiative Forum 2013

28 Nov 2012

WE SEE a world where people strive towards positive global change, in areas ranging from community building to social justice to environmental sustainability to economic renewal. These...


A New YIP Website

23 Nov 2012

We have been working hard for weeks to release a new version of the YIP Website, and here it is! It might not look verry different for you, but everything behind the scenes has changed. We have...


Make a Buzz about the Bees

15 May 2012

Make a Buzz about the Bees Bees are having a hard time lately; they’re dying in droves. YIP and Initiative Forum are collaborating with Nature & More to help the bees! Nature & More...


YIP Update, May 2008

29 May 2008

By Reinoud Meijer (Holland), May 2008 It is an incredible position to be organizing YIP. We are like the bees buzzing around the network, which is like a rich garden and everywhere we get to, YIP...


Reasons for YIP

25 May 2008

By Reinoud Meijer (Holland), May 2008 I saw a video of a German professor recently, who spoke at a conference. He was telling how his father used to say that what separated man from animal was...