YIP Newsletter August 2015 – The New Chapter

Although the summer holidays have drawn to a close with children back at school and the YIP office again buzzing with life, the Swedish summer is still in full swing.  The gardens are overflowing with vegetables and flowers of all kinds, the apples are growing bigger on their tree branches and hay is collected from the fields, stored away for the winter we all know will come, but are not yet thinking about.  The geese have arrived in droves, enjoying a comfortable stop-over and practicing for the journey south.  Spirits are high with the ever-rising anticipation for YIP8 and the arrival of its participants!  The knowledge that a wonderful year lies ahead, grows stronger as each “to-do” is ticked off, and grows evermore real as beds are prepared, roommates picked from the hat and the final touches to a sweet, sweet curriculum are applied.  And as summer has opened its arms to us with beautiful sunshine and warmth, so shall we, open ours to the next phase of the continuing story that is YIP…

The Opening of YIP8:

YIP8_OpeningYou are all cordially invited to the grand opening of YIP8!  It will take place at the Vita Huset (White House) at 14:00 on Sunday, August 30th, 2015.  The celebration will be continued with a Fika outside (weather permitting).  Anyone and everyone is welcome!  Whether curious about the program, an Alumni, friend, parent, or are just interested in bearing witness to the beginning of an epic journey, please join us (and then have a free cup of coffee)!

If any of the above mentioned people (alumni, friends, etc.) are interested in coming for the few days leading up to the opening and helping out, you are most welcome!  Please get in touch with us beforehand so we can have an idea about numbers and accommodation. info@yip.se

OTOrganizingTeamYIP8The YIP8 Organizing Team:

YIP is proud and super excited to welcome Natālija (Nata) Škļarova to the Organizing Team!  Nata is an Alum of YIP1 from Latvia and has recently finished a degree in Communication Sciences from The University of Riga in Latvia.  With her comes her husband, Vini Ferez, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, a Eurythmist with a Busniness Administration degree from the Riga Business School, in Latvia.

MatreListenA Much Deserved Shout Out:

We want to publicly and explicitly congratulate our global colleague, Matre, on the successful completion of a music video for his hip-hop track “Listen” with Embassy Live.

Witness.  Spread.  Inform.

Looking Forward:

appletreesummernatureAfter the opening on August 30th, we will begin an Introduction Week, to this place and to each other.  Through some walking tours of the campus and surrounding area, interactive games and relaxed conversation over coffee, we hope a group will start to form out of the diversity that has worked its way to Järna and an acclimated comfort will develop toward the natural beauty and uniqueness of this land.

Following our orientation, we will be thrown into a brilliant week with veteran YIP contributor Edgard Gouveia Jr., working with ways that we can be playful in changing the world. Edgard will open the door to another veteran, Kiara Nagel, who will guide us on an exploration of Place and how we define and work with Place in our lives.  Through the course work with Edgard and Kiara the participants will be challenged to both be and show themselves, and therefore continue to strengthen their relationships to each other.

The afternoons will be host to a variety of activities and change a bit over the weeks to come.  We hope to take advantage of the ripening apples and perhaps harvest and press them into juice.  There will be an opportunity for those interested to practice Eurythmy with Nata’s husband Vini Ferez.  Also improvisational music and/or theatre are options, as well as working with papier maché with Rachel Miller. geesefjordsummerJärna

The Newsletter

The Newsletter is a monthly mailing update on the life and times of YIP and is a wonderful way to remain connected. It is sent out once a month and gives an overview of what has happened, what is happening and what is on the horizon.  Every quarter (3 months) we plan to put out a more in-depth issue that looks into the Organization of YIP from a similar lense.

Please spread the good word of YIP by forwarding to friends and family and inviting them to sign up!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the newsletter or feel that there is something you would wish to see more of, contact info@yip.se

Enjoy reading!