Reconnecting the YIP Network

It is time for celebration and initiation!

For fjord dips and theatre skits!

For inspiration and co-creation!

For reminiscing, laughing, kissing,

story-telling, dancing, singing.

For old memories and new.

What world do we want to move towards to?

by May Wyss

Welcome to the Harvest Newsletter of the 15 years of YIP Gathering!

The YIP 15 Years Gathering was a space for YIP alumni and the YIP network to re-connect, celebrate, meet and exchange across 15 generations this summer in Ytterjärna from the 12th to the 16th of July 2023.

A group of passionate alumni and Kerstin, the “godmother of YIP” sent out this call, which brought around 100 people together. We met Yippies from all 15 generations, joined by their friends and families, former contributors, YIP founders and OTs.

We look back at the YIP 15 Years Gathering with memories full of songs, swims and smiles. Amazed by all the energy which we created together and excited to see what will grow out of the seeds that were planted during the Gathering.

A huge thank you to the YIP alumni and friends of YIP who took the initiative and organised this wonderful gathering! Thank you Cecilia, Pauline, Diane, Daniel, Rike, Lia, Simon, May and Kerstin. and everyone else who helped to make it possible. It has been a real gift for the YIP network.


May and Tessa

In this newsletter you will find: 

– The YIP program and its growing Network – by Reinoud Meijer

– The importance of gatherings like this – by Manik Esche

– Finding Home – by Tuesday Wulterkens

– 15 years of YIP Gathering – a film – Dowon Kim

– YIP alumni initiatives

  • YIP alumni directory
  • Planetary Service
  • Regenerative Training

– Invitation to YIP16’s Opening Ceremony

The YIP and its growing Network

As part of the conversations and activities, the YIP team hosted a number of sessions concerning the needs of the growing YIP network and the engagement of alumni in the securing and support of the program.

It became apparent that there are two separate needs that can be mutually beneficial.

  1. YIP is dependent on more or less (depending on the number of participants) substantial support of gift money from people that see and share the vision of YIP and can engage in sustaining it.
  2. The alumni network is now so large and spanning so many years, that there is a need to create an online platform that facilitates the exchange and engagement of the many ideas, possibilities and initiatives.

Both these needs involve some structure and administration that can serve both for networking as well as awareness and support for YIP.

A smaller project group formed around the topic, that started drafting a proposal and researching possible platforms and structures. Additional alumni offered to be of service once the project needed programmers and/or other professional support.

The current research focuses on a platform developed and supported (among others) by Freunde der Erziehungkunst that can be customised to fit the needs of YIP.

The idea at this stage is that there will be a ‘friends of YIP’ section of which all supporters of YIP can be part and an alumni only section.

There will be a sliding scale for a financial contribution on a monthly basis. A number of perks/benefits will be available for support.

Some ideas are:

  • reduced prices on YIP events
  • free access to open courses
  • regular online meet-up and/or update regarding the running of YIP
  • YIP merchandise

A paywall for online content was discarded and deemed contrary to YIP’s ethos and approach.

For alumni:

  • internship opportunities
  • job opportunities
  • chat function
  • alumni profiles
  • network map of alumni and initiatives

An important function that emerged was that YIP needs to integrate a community organiser to the team. Someone with a part-time function that is only focussed ‘outward’ (in contrast to within the program and its running) towards the network and with the aim to connect people and initiatives. This function would include designing the integration of a section in the YIP newsletter regarding alumni/network initiatives and activity.

There are various ideas as to how to finance this position.

For the coming months, a smaller group intends to meet regularly to plan and share their research.

If you have ideas and input, please reach out to Reinoud or, otherwise, stay tuned, well and connected.

by Reinoud Meijer

The importance of gatherings like this

‘YIP is a bubble’ – everyone has heard these words. You walk through the hole in the hedge and suddenly you are in Järna, where magic happens. It is beautiful, but it is also far away from everything that’s happening in the world. So why come here? Why come back to this … place in the middle of nowhere?

We are standing in the kitchen, cutting piles of beetroot and onions, preparing dinner. There is the clatter of knives, the clamor of conversations, people meeting each other for the first time or continuing a conversation from before.

‘How does it make you feel to … ? is a common question. Not because we are all fluffy fairies carrying their heads in the clouds. But because people prefer to cut the bullshit and dare to ask direct questions.

We are sitting in the Vidarsalen, it is ‘Initiative Marketplace’ time. Ideas are pitched, developing projects explained, people are invited to join existing projects or host events at places which have made it their mission to catalyze change. Many life plans are getting a little reshaped these days.

We are standing in a huge circle in the Tallevana common room at the end of the gathering, filling the room with our voices, creating powerful harmonies. You can feel the community in the room. You can feel the energy that is pent up in everyone, ready to come out, creating an almost bizarre version of Belemama, so loud it hurts the ears a little.

I am reminded of a hitchhiking trip with a former general of the German army, deep in a conversation about YIP. ‘There need to be more of these programs! Military leaders and politicians would think twice about attacking or harming a country in which they have a friend.’

YIP is a bubble. There is no question about that. But there is something incredibly powerful in a community that bonds over a life-changing experience. And the effects are hard to measure.

Because nobody will take notice when a group of hikers sets out to begin their first self directed learning journey (like classroom alive), initiated at one of these gatherings. No excel sheet will see a mark when a land restoration project (like Terranu) plants its first fruit trees several years later. But things like these happen as a result of these gatherings. Ideas are planted in people’s minds while they are cutting vegetables and commitments are restored when they stand in the circle, letting their voices fly to fill the room with a slightly too loud version of Belemama.

And that is why these gatherings are so incredibly important.

by Manik Esche

Finding Home

All Photos by Dowon Kim

It’s been a while, a year or so, since we left home. Or since I left home. And I carry it with me, from place to place. The fjord, the blue house, or blue, it was more like a faded color of sky, the anthroposophic kind of blue. Anyway, I’ve been back once and it was strange. YIP15 (bless them) was living in a house that once was my home.

I came back now and Tallevana was everyone’s home. We shared the same lights and mugs and doorknobs in different years with different music in the background. And now it came together. Like an episode of twilight zone, but cheerier. There was YIP5 who, at the party, took over with their nineties mania and brought so much joy. There was a Yippie from YIP3, who told us stories from far and wide. There was YIP14, who brought some chaos and some cheers. There were the newest ones, the Yippies from YIP15, who I loved and learned a lot from.

And all felt so warm and good and comfortable. These YIP years, over all time, share something that weaves us all like a golden thread. Are you ready? Will you take the forest home? What is there to do in the world? And how do we connect? Who can we help and what do we do? What is going on in your life? Where is Rike? The shower is closed. Have you ever been to the waterspout?

I did not join so much of the program, I cooked and cleaned and went for swims and drank a lot of coffee with a lot of people. And I learned a cool wrestling game. But it was magic. To see everyone connect in ways, to see that everyone loves so much and to feel a part of a world that turns so fast, yet holds so much warmth and beauty.

Dear YIP, I will always learn from you and carry you with me, wherever I go.

by Tuesday Wulterkens

15 years of YIP Gathering – a film

Made by Dowon Kim



The dream of an Alumni Map has been out in the Network for a really long time. This is not about an alumni map. This is about a minimal viable prototype (MVP), about creating a booklet with some information about YIP alumn*/volunteers/OTs/contributors around the world.

The GOAL of this directory is to create a booklet that portraits YIP Alumni and Alumnae, giving information about us, our location and projects, so that ultimately we can promote personal (local) connections and collaboration within the network.

We envision it being a tool for finding members in a certain area, creating support, connection, inspire, offer opportunities, hold space, play, explore.


Planetary Service is an international movement for youth from 18 to 35 years old to volunteer for a more sustainable, peaceful and humane future. Planetary Service connects projects and organisations that are already committed to planet care and/or people care with the youth that wants to take action, so they can volunteer in exchange for room, board and a learning experience.

Our main focus as Planetary Service is to:

  • Create a movement of young adults serving the earth and caring for those in need by volunteering in projects that are already doing so.
  • Being a support system for all those who join this movement, enriching and accompanying their experiences, through our mentoring framework.
  • Create a network of people and projects/organisations from all around the world that work towards a sustainable/regenerative, peaceful and humane future, where they can get to know each other, connect, share resources, knowledge, network, etc.

We will start with a prototype year beginning in September 2023 until June 2024. We are looking for:

  • Young people who would like to be the pioneer participants that are engaged with this initiative and willing to contribute to a rich documentation of their experiences in diverse forms (video, writing, art, etc.)
  • Projects and organisations that want to embark on this adventurous journey with us and all those who have already joined.

We very much hope you feel inspired to join the ripple effect towards a more sustainable future creating a big movement and making it possible as a community!

For more information, please go to our website. You can follow our journey through Instagram or Facebook.

The Planetary Service Team

Regenerative Training

We have created a training course for people who want to take action to combat climate change, drought, flooding and species extinction, but don’t know how: The Regeneration Training. Rainwater can be stored in the ground and biodiversity can be increased.

By participating in the Regeneration-Training, you will get to know existing and best practise techniques for water retention and biotope care. On a farm of change you experience transformational work with nature in community. Because regeneration is a dynamic and living process; an encounter between people, our living environment and ourselves. This is how we as human beings can co-create healthy social-ecological microclimates on our own doorstep.

During the 4 days you will experience: community, time to relax, practical techniques, a deeper encounter of a farm with a biodiversity project, awareness exercises, lively conversations, regeneration film evening, meditative walk to the source and regeneration party with a buffet with fresh vegetables from the farm and much more.

Contacts: Pauline Wenzel, Philip Stoll, Diane Keyes

When? October 05 – 08, 2023

Where? Hof Weinberg, Weinberg 1, 32689 Kalletal

Register now:

Write us your questions: