Requirements for the application

Basic requirements

1) age

You have to be between 18 - 28 years old to participate in the program.

2) english

You need to be able to understand, speak, read and write English at an intermediate level. This is based on our experience of participants requiring at least this level to be able to engage meaningfully in the courses. Certification is required if English is your second language.

If you have any questions about certification please write to

3) application fee

We will only process your application once the non-refundable application fee of SEK 750 has been received. You will receive an application fee confirmation email once this has been processed by YIP. Please save this proof of payment as its submission is required to complete your application.

4) Program fee

The Program Fee for YIP is SEK 125,000 per participant for the whole 10 months.

It includes:

  • The Curriculum: courses, course materials and evening activities.
  • Food: organic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, not including weekends and holidays).
  • Accommodation: shared twin bedroom, in communal house with shared bathrooms, kitchens and living area.
  • Travel: Travel to and from the Internships.
  • Transportation: in connection with the curriculum.

If your financial situation is a barrier to your applying for YIP, please click here to find tips on financing your YIP Year, as well as the diversity fund.

Applications will be processed as they arrive and eligible participants will be accepted on an ongoing basis. When we have reached the maximum number of participants, applications will close. After receiving your application form, you have one month to complete it.

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application process

The following steps are just to get an idea about the application process. These steps are outlined in further detail once you start your application.

STEP 1: Start the application process

By clicking the Start Application Process link above, you will be redirected to a Form to fill out your personal details. After this, you will automatically receive an email with the full application form and all the required documents.

Note: if you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder or email

STEP 2: Apply

The YIP application has three main steps, which will be outlined in further detail in the email you receive after completing the Personal Details Form. The three steps are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Creative initiative
  3. Required attachments including health report, English certificate, portrait photograph and two reference letters

Please note that the two reference letters should be sent directly to from your referees, with your name as the subject reference.

Send your completed application including the proof of application fee payment to It will be confirmed within a week of its arrival. If you have not heard back from us within a week of sending in your application, please contact the YIP office at

Step 3: pay your application fee

We will only process your application when your full application and non-refundable application fee of SEK 750 has been received. YIP charges this fee to cover the costs of processing the applications. Make sure you keep a proof of payment and send it along with your application.

Step 4: application review and interview

After we've received your completed application, it will be reviewed by the team and if successful at this stage, you will be contacted to arrange a video call with at least one of the organising team members. This is meant for us to get to know each other, and allows us to have a personal conversation about your intentions, hopes and motivations for joining YIP. In this space, we have the opportunity to ask each other questions, so please feel free to bring any you might have. There is no right or wrong way to prepare for this interview, it's about seeing if YIP is the right match for you at this time.

Step 5: Receive application result

We will be in touch with you within one week of your interview with the outcome of your application.

There are three application responses: accepted, wait-listed and declined.

Step 6: Get ready

If you are accepted, you will receive:

  • An email notification including your formal acceptance letter
  • A prompt to pay your reservation fee
  • An outline of the program payment amount and timeline
  • Details regarding how to get to YIP
  • Details on what to bring

YIP begins the day you say ‘yes’ to the experience. Beyond the year you will spend in Järna, you will be introduced to an international network of people connected to YIP and the impulse YIP carries. The group of alumni is equally valuable for getting information about fundraising, what to bring, what to think about, and so on. You can request access to the Alumni Facebook group here.

We are excited to welcome you in Sweden and YIP soon!

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financial assistance

Given what YIP offers, we believe the program is not expensive. We are very aware that it is a lot of money, especially for people coming from different socio-economic situations. Because of this many participants have had to find creative ways to fund their participation in the program.
Below you will find fundraising information, we are happy to support you in your fundraising efforts if your financial situation is preventing you from attending YIP. 

Tips to fundraise money

Many participants in the past have been very successful through being proactive in their local community. Raising funds through donations and actions may seem intimidating, but it is a great opportunity to show how much you wish to participate in YIP.

Mobilize your network

Get the word out! We suggest you write a letter describing your wish to attend YIP and how you feel it can be a positive next step in your life. Describe YIP and include a flyer. Some example recipients:

  • Your school
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Local charitable societies like Lions Club or Rotary
  • Religious institutions (like Churches, Mosques, Temples, etc).

Try contacting a local youth worker, educational advisor or someone else with a good overview of organisations in your community. 

YIP has a big network of people and initiatives that can support you as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for collaboration from the YIP community who might be able to support you in your fundraising and your goals to participate in YIP. 

Apply for Grants and scholarships 

There are probably many foundations, charities, scholarships, etc. in your country or region who can financially support your YIP year.  Ask someone in your community who may know where to find more information and contacts or try Google.

Read the requirements for each grant carefully before applying. It will help you write a better application.

YIP Diversity fund

* The Diversity Fund for YIP16 has been allocated and there are currently no funds available.

Despite its international character, the YIP participant group often lacks representation from different socio-economic demographics. Because the content of YIP often focuses on global challenges as well as an individual capability to take on multiple perspectives, it is essential that there is a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences present at YIP.

In order to meet this need, the YIP Diversity Fund strives to support 1-3 participants who would benefit and thrive from attending this type of education but otherwise wouldn't be able to.

This fund is not a large body of money that refills each year, but it is a result of ongoing efforts by participants and alumni through bake-sales, grant writing and small donations.

In order to apply to the YIP Diversity Fund you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be accepted through the normal YIP acceptance procedure
  • You have no other means of paying the YIP tuition 
  • You show initiative and actively engage with the YIP organisation

The amount of money there is in the fund differs each year. Typically it supports people with a partial scholarship of 25-50%. The Diversity fund only considers people that have already been accepted to the program.  

To enquire whether the Diversity Fund is available, or to apply for a scholarship, please get in contact with the organising team under