Financial Situation

Last spring, in an effort to meet YIP’s financial needs, we launched the YIP Friends Campaign. The idea was that YIP would become Community Supported Education, much as organic and biodynamic farmers use Community Supported Agriculture. You, the YIP network, donated SEK 403,193 and your generosity helped make YIP6 possible. We are so appreciative of your support!

The amount raised during the Friend’s Campaign, while large, is just over 40% of our operating costs. So how did we manage to run this year on less than half our normal budget? The answer (like most things in the Anthroposphical world) is three-fold. To begin with, several anonymous donors contributed generously to YIP. In addition, YIP as an organization cut operating costs dramatically. The entire YIP team is currently working either on a voluntary or half-pay basis. Finally, about 15% of the total budget must still be fundraised by May 2014. These factors in combination allowed YIP to continue into the coming year, and the YIP team is committed to finding ways of making YIP more resilient and sustainable as it moves into the future.

In the next newsletter we will present our strategy for this year and the future, and re-launch the Friends Campaign.