Initiative Forum 2014

ShIFt was an amazing experience both for the individuals within YIP6, as well as for our whole group all together. This year we had 200 people joining us from all around the world, and it was a joy to see the yippies step into the hosting role.


The forum participant Charlotte Breed shared her INITIATIVE FORUM experience in this poem:

When you’re born you are a baby
the innocent in a crib
You give love and receive it
safe on your mothers hip

You grow unto a toddler
with the garden to explore
A bug, a flower, a butterfly
and behind that leaf is even more

But then you find peerpressure
and forget the voice within
You’re the actor in the oasis
just trying to fit in

And this is, for the most of us
where the journey stops.
We play our part, we get good grades,
and find a paying job

Still there is jet another one
Don’t settle just to soon
When you find yourself full of doubt
you’re the wanderer in the cocoon

So the gift that I received this week
I am allowed to just not know
and freed from my securities
my inner self will grow
I’m on my path, and step by step
my purpose I will see
I learn and I experience
And I am fully me.

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