Classroom alive is reaching Athens!

Classroom Alive – Sweden to Greece – is a 6-month walking studies across Europe. By stepping out of the brick and mortar classroom, the students has taken up their individual questions and brought them into relationship with the diverse realities of the people and places they meet along the route.

Classroom Alive was founded by three YIP Alumni, and it has since it’s start on the 26th of May 2013, hosted a large number of individual students.

Today (29th of Nov.) the students are walking into Athens, after six moths on the road! On the 4th of December Classroom Alive invites to “Telling the Story of Classroom Alive”: an afternoon and evening event where there will be both an open space for meeting, sharing, and hanging out as well as a few different presentations about the journey and some reflections on the 6-month walking studies as a kind of education.