Current participants

YIP welcomes up to 40 young people from around the world to join the program and supports them in their efforts to become the change they wish to see in the world, and to find their service and engagement in their own future and the future of our society and world.

These are the current participants:

Anika - Canada


YIP14, Canada
Christianne - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Dajin - South Korea


YIP14, South Korea
Edda - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Elisa - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Ella - United Kingdom


YIP14, United Kingdom
Emma - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Eva - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Friederike - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Iren - United States


YIP14, United States
Jakob - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Julia - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Jung Hyun - South Korea

Jung Hyun

YIP14, South Korea
Kato - Belgium


YIP14, Belgium
Lia - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Liam - United States


YIP14, United States
Marlene - Austria


YIP14, Austria
Matara - United Kingdom


YIP14, United Kingdom
May - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Maya - South Africa


YIP14, South Africa
Pippin - New Zealand


YIP14, New Zealand
Sara - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Sarah Carlotta - Germany

Sarah Carlotta

YIP14, Germany
Shirin - Germany


YIP14, Germany
Simon - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Tessa - Netherlands


YIP14, Netherlands
Yoh - Japan


YIP14, Japan

The Organising team

The organizing team is a passionate group of people that have made YIP their lifestyle, at least for the time being.

The team takes care of the curriculum design, all the planning, financing, logistics, arrangements and organization of the program. As they also live on campus, they coach, mentor and support the participants through their YIP experience. 

The team consists of some full-time members, who guarantee the longer term processes and responsibilities for the organization and the curriculum. In addition there are Assistant organizers, who join the program full-time, but only for some months of the year and with a specific focus that corresponds to the themes and focus of the curriculum at that point in the year. Next to these there are often volunteers that help make the community life with its many practical and logistical details run smoothly.

Janne Bierens

Is a Waldorf graduate and studied Humanistic Studies and Clinical and Developmental Psychology in the Netherlands. During her time in university she explored many facets of being human. From the...

Portrait Reinoud Meijer
Reinoud R. Meijer

Reinoud organised, facilitated, initiated and founded a number of youth conferences, projects, and initiatives before co-founding the YIP program....

Isabel Chender

An avid listener and learner, Isabel believes that by creating conditions and practices for genuine collaboration we can begin to actualize our personal and societal possibilities. Through her...

Ami Cochrane

Ami grew up in Australia and Japan, and attended Waldorf schools K-12. Upon graduating, her wish to help conserve the wild led her to study Animal Ecology. Questioning the reductionist approach...

Annie Meijer

Annie Meijer (BA, MSc, BACPaccred) is a Biographical Counsellor and Biography work facilitator and trainer. She has run accredited trainings in Biographical Counselling in the UK and has...

Bianca Montemarano

The world is a complex, interconnected, multidimensional place, a kaleidoscope of endless possibilities to learn and grow. My year as a YIP participant allowed me to realize the potential we...

Pauline - Germany
Pauline Wenzel

My interest for alternative projects that have a more holistic approach started during my studies. My focus was on food production projects such as CSAs. The creative approach to sustainable...


The contributors are the change makers that bring the teachings and content to the program. They are the 'bricks and mortar‘ for the intellectual, socio-emotional and spiritual content of the program. In many cases they are social and societal entrepreneurs themselves and take a week out of their busy lives to come and share their knowledge and insights with the participants of YIP. Typically they join the program for a week and teach during the mornings. During this time they also participate in the community life of YIP. It is a wonderful chance for the participants to connect, build and deepen personal and informal relationships to these contributors who are often leading figures in various professions and leaders in their community.

This years contributors include:

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Please note: YIP is a 'permanent improvisation‘, seeking to adapt to what participants are searching for and the current trends in our society. Due to this some information you find here is subject to change.

YIP Alumni

Each year the YIP program adds another group of alumni to the growing network. 

The program has many experiences, learnings, insights and developments as a result, but one of the biggest and most lasting results are the human relations that build over the 10 months of living and learning together. Alumni often refer to their year group as 'their family' in the positive sense of what that might mean. Now that YIP has been operational for many years, that network is stretching itself across all continents and is starting to become a powerful community of change makers around the world. 

These are the Alumni of the YIP years so far.



YIP11, Taiwan
Solveig - Germany


YIP4, Germany
Maria - Portugal


YIP7, Portugal
Kiana - Mexico


YIP10, Mexico
Franzisca - Brazil/Switzerland


YIP4, Brazil, Switzerland
Siene - Belgium


YIP3, Belgium
Nil - Catalonia


YIP6, Catalonia
Laura - Germany


YIP8, Germany
Luna - Netherlands


YIP10, Netherlands
Christine - Denmark


YIP2, Denmark
Aurelia - Germany


YIP3, Germany
Anatoli - Sweden


YIP1, Sweden
Stephanie - Germany


Meredith - Canada


YIP3, Canada
Stephanie - United Kingdom


YIP12, United Kingdom


YIP11, Ireland
Amber - Spain/Netherlands


YIP9, Netherlands, Spain
Matisse - Belgium


YIP3, Belgium
Poppy - Australia


YIP9, Australia
David - Switzerland


YIP1, Switzerland

Partners and collaborators

YIP enjoys a growing network of initiatives, organisations and educations around the world. Some work together with the program on international learning placements, some on the parts of the curriculum away from Sweden and others contribute to the curriculum and the certification of the YIP course.

These are some of our current partners and collaborators

Please Note: YIP is involved with many organisations who will not all be represented here, if you would like your organisation represented please get in contact at [email protected] 

Alanus University

In 2016 YIP signed an agreement with the Alanus University in Bonn Germany. Through this collaboration your year at YIP can be credited towards the study PHASE (philosophy, arts and social entrepreneurship) up to an equivalent of 30 ECTS Credit Points, which is one semester out of six.

Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting a powerful leadership practicum as well as a daily pattern and practice for many individuals, communities, families, businesses and organisations.

Casa y Fábrica de Luz

Elderberries Cafe
and Haveseeds House

Elderberries Threefold Cafe is a small organic, vegan, gluten/soy-free café that strives to nourish the human as a whole. We see our work starting with providing healing, nourishing,food and drink, and ending with the creation of a world where every individual is allowed a dignified life truly worthy of the human being!

Föreningen SOFIA

Föreningen SOFIA an umbrella for a variety of project teams in Sweden. With inspiration from anthroposophy, they work with international development cooperation with local organizations around the world and in Sweden.


Inkiri Pirakanga

 Ecovillage Piracanga Ecovillage in Brazil will host from YIP10 on the program after the first 3 months. It is administrated by the Inkiri Community.


Kaospilots is a school to create positive societal change through personal growth and enterprise.


Knowmads a platform and school for people who want to make a positive difference in this world. 

Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

An educational center located in the Kathmandu Valley that reinforces the wellbeing of local Nepali communities through sharing knowledge on sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. 

Kulturcentrum järna

Kulturcentrum Järna.



Standing for  Movement for Imaginals for a Sustainable Society through Implementation, Organisation and Networking is based in the Philippines and works through the principles of Integral Sustainable Development (ISD) towards a sustainable society.

BTH Masters for Strategic Leadership for Sustainability

International Masters programme for Strategic Sustainability Leadership.


Sustainability Institute

A community based in Cape Town, South-Africa, that works on sustainable development through educational programs, community work and agriculture.

Shade Tree
Multicultural Foundation

ShadeTree, based in L.A, serves as an intentional community of mentors, elders, teachers, artists, healers, and advocates for the healthy development of children and youth.


Street Poets

STREET POETS Inc. is a non-profit poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation aiming to break the cycle of violence in the lives of at-risk and incarcerated youth, awakening them to their gifts.

Youth Section

An anthroposophical organization, organizing seminars, small study groups and international conferences throughout the world; supporting initiatives, facilitating internships, and conducting research on global youth issues.

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