Current participants

YIP welcomes 20-40 young people from around the world to join the program and supports them in their efforts to become the change they wish to see in the world, and to find their service and engagement in their own future and the future of our society and world.

These are the current participants:

The Organising team


The contributors are the change makers that bring the teachings and content to the program. They are the 'bricks and mortar‘ for the intellectual, socio-emotional and spiritual content of the program. In many cases they are social and societal entrepreneurs themselves and take a week out of their busy lives to come and share their knowledge and insights with the participants of YIP. Typically they join the program for a week and teach during the mornings. During this time they also participate in the community life of YIP. It is a wonderful chance for the participants to connect, build and deepen personal and informal relationships to these contributors who are often leading figures in various professions and leaders in their community.

This years contributors include:

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Allan Sousa

Allan was a Civil Engineer who left the bridge area to help build bridges with people. In 2011 Allan co-founded…
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Andy Letcher

Andy is a Senior Lecturer at Schumacher College where he is programme lead for the MA Engaged Ecology. He has…
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Brenno Kaschner Russo

Brenno works with the technology of connection for unleashing collective potential. From Belgium to India, Russia to China, he has…
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Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya

Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya is a Physicist from Bangalore, India. He has a particular interest in Solar Energy, Goethean Phenomenology,…
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Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, feminist, philosopher of science, writer and science policy advocat. She is…
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Elias Romualdez

Elias Romualdez, born in the Philippines and based in Metro-Manila, is a facilitator of workshops that focus on processes of…
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Richard Svanström

Richard Svanström is a blacksmith and sculptor. He has a master’s degree in applied art with a focus on metal…
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Sari Escribano

Sari Escribano is a philologist, translator, writer, teacher and avid reader. Sari is part of the core team of DisCO, a…
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Susan Bäucke Kollem

Susan Bäucke Kollem is an art therapist working in a studio in Ytterjärna. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, she…
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Tetsuhiro Koyanagi

My name is Tetsuhiro Koyanagi. I’m from Japan and I’ve been living in Sweden for 9years.  I make workwears and trying…
Featured image for “Tracy Abenaa Osei-Tutu”

Tracy Abenaa Osei-Tutu

Tracy Abenaa Osei-Tutu is an artist, activist, flow space designer and passionate human being.  In her work she tries to…

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Please note: YIP is a 'permanent improvisation‘, seeking to adapt to what participants are searching for and the current trends in our society. Due to this some information you find here is subject to change.

YIP Alumni

Each year the YIP program adds another group of alumni to the growing network. 

The program has many experiences, learnings, insights and developments as a result, but one of the biggest and most lasting results are the human relations that build over the 10 months of living and learning together. Alumni often refer to their year group as 'their family' in the positive sense of what that might mean. Now that YIP has been operational for many years, that network is stretching itself across all continents and is starting to become a powerful community of change makers around the world. 

These are the Alumni of the YIP years so far.