Thank you YIP6 and welcome YIP7

Thank you YIP6 and welcome YIP7

Dear friends, members, alumni, contributors, parents, partners and other people in the network of YIP,

YIP has just finished its 6th successful year.

The twenty bright young people who graduated last week are now going out into the world, and there is no doubt they will create positive impact no matter where or in what form they engage in society. It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the YIP6-team for their success in organising and hosting the YIP-program, even under challenging circumstances.

We extend our greetings to all contributors, and to all of those who have made YIP 6 possible through their support and engagement. Thank you!

Since 2008, YIP has been striving to foster in young people a holistic understanding of the the world, as well as deepening their knowledge and understanding of themselves, and how they act out in the world. YIP has directly impacted over 200 young people, not to mention the subsequent ripple effect this program has created in its six years of existence.

However, sad news has reached us last May: The YIP6-team did not see a possibility to continue the running of the program in its current form. The Board of YIP followed their advice and came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to run a seventh YIP-year. This difficult decision was based on three criteria that where insufficiently met at the time:

  1. 5 full-time and full-paid team members
  2. 40 participants
  3. 80% finances secured

This news stirred up various conversations, and resulted in a surge of support, unforeseen opportunities and commitments. From that, a new group was formed, stepping up to the task of reverting the scenario and putting in place the conditions for YIP7 to happen.

On such short notice, this group has worked hard to give stability to the financial and organisational pillars that where considered too weak, and did a feasibility study to continue running the program with a reduced number of participants. We can now report that these efforts have had a good grade of success and the seventh YIP-year is happening, starting in September 2014!

  • YIP7 is financially guaranteed and secured. We would like to give our special thanks to the Vidarfoundation (SE), the Iona Foundation (NL) and the Evidenz Foundation (CH) as well as to Kulturcentrum Järna.
  • 25 participants have been accepted for YIP7. We will reopen the application on our website, so this number can increase over the summer.
  • The nucleus of a team has been formed (including Annie Meijer, Christianne Sinoo, Pete Baerentsen, Reinoud Meijer Rembert Biemond and Silas Beardslee). Updates  will be announced.

We are aware, and very much part of the roller coaster-ride this information and these last weeks present for all involved in YIP. But now that running the program can be a reality again, it is our hope that you join us in taking this step, even though it is contrary to what was previously decided and communicated. We have chosen to go for it, and hope you will too.

Welcome, YIP7. We look forward to an amazing journey together.

For the YIP 7 team,

Reinoud Meijer.