YIP Newsletter- Live Links from December

Hello dear everyone,

Cheerful January!  We are re-sending the links from the December newsletter as they are now live and functioning. Thank you to everyone who notified us of this error and our apologies for any confusion. Please go ahead and take a look at the Internship Fundraising page and the Initiative Forum.

Internship Fundraising

We want to learn, we want to explore and we want to grow. In every way possible. The last few months we have been doing that. We have studied courses about the wider environment, about how inner work is as important as outer work and about how working together in our group is not always that simple. But we have only just begun.   In February we will set off on our internships. We will be spending 7 weeks experiencing different ways of working, living and learning.   Some of us will travel to the mountains in Nepal, some of us to the Amazon and Sao Paolo in Brazil, some of us to the desert in Egypt and others to the islands of the Philippines. But to make this happen we need some help. Our travel, stay and  food will all cost money and we hope to fundraise to make this internship possible for all members of our group. We have a crowdfunding campaign which can be found at (https://www.gofundme.com/yip-11-learning-journies) where you can read more and easily donate or share with those who might be able to.    With thanks and love from YIP 11 

Initiative Forum tickets 

Exciting News !

Initiative Forum tickets will go on sale in by end of January 2019.

We having been working hard on bringing initiative forum to you for another year and we are really looking forward to sharing our discoveries and experiences together with you. 

If you are interested in seeing some behind the scenes of how we are working as a group check out our instagram page, initiative forum 2019 and stay tunned for updates on the website (https://initiativeforum.yip.se). 

Looking forward

We will send our next newsletter before we depart on internships the first week of February to give you a sense of how the Permaculture Design cetificate is going and what we have learned during our time on the Outpost in Findhorn Eco-Village, Scotland. 

Until next time!