YIP Newsletter August 2016 – It’s that time of year again


It’s that time of year again

Here in Ytterjärna the nights are beginning to darken and the apples are turning red. The sun is slowly kissing us goodbye and cool winds herald the arrival of autumn.

Here in Ytterjärna there is a curious rhythm that can be observed – the land and the seasons begin their gentle descent into sleep, while the offices and classrooms yawn awake; the vivid greens of summer begin to look a little tired, yet our hearts are light– for soon YIP will begin again.

This is a special edition pre-YIP newsletter.


The YIP9 opening

We would like to warmly welcome you the opening of YIP9. This is your first chance to meet the new participants, and it is also their first chance to meet the YIP and Järna communities! The opening is for all friends and interested people, so please come along.

Where: Vita Huset (White House)

When: 14:00-15:00 Sunday, August 28th

After the opening, fika will be provided with delicious coffee, tea and goodies baked by us! Come celebrate.

If you are interested in coming for a few days to really soak up the happy atmosphere, we would love to have you! Just get in touch – info@yip.se – and we can sort something out.

The YIP organising team

Starting a new YIP year always carries with it many beginnings, and we are busy creating one already; we are busy building the new organising team. Some of us are old hat (Reinoud does love his hats), and some of us are new blood. All of us are dedicated to creating a wonderful year with the soon-to-arrive yippies.
YIP9 Organising Team

Until next time

While the new yippies are still gathering themselves for our adventure, preparation has begun. And while our newsletter will be full of life and learning in September, for now here’s our reminder that YIP is coming to life again.

PS: the newsletter is now under new management, so please bear with us while we strive for its previous glory. Also, excuse the Australian English now used.