Initiative Forum 2013

WE SEE a world where people strive towards positive global change, in areas ranging from community building to social justice to environmental sustainability to economic renewal. These changemakers are able to imagine a better world by perceiving things anew. They are able to truly see, without judgement or prejudice. It is this kind of seeing that brings wisdom, and allows for a deep understanding of the challenges humanity faces today.

WE CONNECT with one another to bring about the change we envision. We cannot spark change alone. We need other people to inspire us, collaborate with us, and carry us forward. Connection is at the heart of change – connection not only to each other, but also to the earth, to our food, to our bodies, to our belongings, to our lifestyle, to our work. Connection frees us from apathy and compels us to care.

WE CREATE change. We create to make our imagined future a reality. Creation is not just about the production of goods but about intentional action that brings inspiration into the physical world. This means that not only can we build houses, we can create homes. Not only can we build cities, we can create communities. Not only can we make laws, we can create agreements. Not only can we make jobs, we can create vocations.  Creating, we consciously shape our new future.

We believe this new future will be shaped, not by blind action, but by the  continual process of seeing, connecting and creating. This is what we will explore at Initiative Forum 2013. We invite You: friends, changemakers and entrepreneurs to co-create with us a week of conversation, inspiration, encouragement, action and celebration. Let’s enflame each other!

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29 March – 3 April 2013
Järna, Sweden