YIP in Transition

We asked Rose Nekvapil, one of the founders of YIP, to write a few words for our newsletter. She had complete freedom in choosing what she wanted to bring, and this is her article:

It has been wonderful to stand back and watch YIP move forward with a completely new carrying team. From the beginning, the idea was that YIP’s organising team should be in regular movement so as not to get stuck in old patterns, or lose touch with today’s needs.

And here is an inspired and enthusiastic, not to mention greatly talented team of young people carrying YIP forward. I am no longer involved with any aspect of YIP, but I watch it with so much love and support.

What I see is that this new team has taken on the YIP house (to use the metaphor from an earlier issue of this newsletter) in a fairly messy, spontaneous and unfinished state, and deep cleaned it, re-painted it and repaired some of the more unsound structures. This house has never been more ready for a group of 40 young people from all over the world to move in!

YIP was always intended to be a network initiative. It started from the YouthSection (Dornach, Switzerland) with over 30 young people form all over the world coming together to start forming YIP as an initiative. Most of the work in grounding YIP was done by a much smaller group, but the network at large was still the strength behind it, and reason for making it possible. Now YIP has it’s own network of alumni, local community, contributors and conference/IF participants that has grown and continues to grow year by year. It is out of this network that YIP has an amazing team carrying it this year. I feel deep gratitude and inspiration from these individuals who work so tirelessly for each YIP participant, the organisation of YIP, and the network as a whole. As a part of this network who supports YIP and wants to see it grow into the future, I thank each one of you.

And I see the transition continuing. There will be a new team again next year and I look-forward with curiosity and excitement to see who is next from this vibrant network to take YIP into the coming years.