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29 Jul 2023

Reconnecting the YIP Network

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It is time for celebration and initiation! For fjord dips and theatre skits! For inspiration and co-creation! For reminiscing, laughing, kissing, story-telling, dancing, singing. For old memories and new. What world do we want to move...

Spread the word about YIP

Do you know of any people or places that should know or hear about YIP?

Calls to action:

1. Download, print and share these documents in the Media Kit and help us spread the word!


2. Write to [email protected] to become a YIP Ambassador. You will receive a promotions kit that includes a pdf, slideshow, and more.

3. Follow us on instagram (@yipsweden) and facebook and share our posts to your page and networks.

Join YIP events and courses

Get to know up to 40 young people from all corners of the world!

For the time YIP is in Ytterjärna, we love to meet and mingle during our open courses, lectures and presentations. Please keep a look out on this website and our Facebook page for times and places to join and connect. Looking forwards to seeing and welcoming you!

Date/Time Event
30 Oct - 03 Nov
Week 44
Moving in Complexity

Moving in Complexity

With: Movement Vilnius

Open Course
06 Nov - 10 Nov
Week 45
Anthroposophical Anthropology

Anthroposophical Anthropology

With: Marcel de Leuw

Open Course
20 Nov - 24 Nov
Week 47
Portrait Painting

Portrait Painting

With: Rachel Ingvad

Open Course
08 Jan - 12 Jan
Week 02
Governance, Law & Power

Governance, Law & Power

With: Gerald Häfner and TBC

Open Course
15 Jan - 19 Jan
Week 03
Values & Economics

Values & Economics

With: Theo Fischer and TBC

Open Course
29 Jan - 02 Feb
Week 05
Being Human in a Technological Age

Being Human in a Technological Age

With: Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya and Elias Romualdez

Open Course
12 Feb - 16 Feb
Week 07
Biodiversity, Food Sovereignty and Regeneration Open Course
08 Apr - 09 Apr
Week 15
Internship Presentations Community
27 May - 31 May
Week 22
Personal Initiative Presentations Community

Support YIP financially

“ This is the new culture of money. The intersection of nature, culture and cosmos; whereby the human imagination is lifted out of the despair that I don’t have to I have enough to give. And if I have enough to give, I have enough to share; and if we have enough to share we have a new reality.”

- Orland Bishop

YIP does not receive any public or government funding and therefore depends on individuals and organizations that understand and support the potential of this initiative and join with their contribution, partnership. In this way, YIP is the result of many people, organizations and initiatives contributing part of their efforts to the program, and the program connecting these parts into a community effort. This kind of community supported education has been what we set out to do, and is what is still happening.

It is a great gift to know that we have partners not only in the practical and educational matters, but also partners who are willing to support with financial means to create free spaces in which new initiative can develop.

We welcome and thank you for your trust and support expressed in your donation and look forward to keep giving youth a chance to explore their fullest potential and take initiative towards a better world. You can donate to the YIP Program to participate and support the program in its intention to be inclusive and diverse. This helps to cover staff, materials and other expenses or to the "Diversity Fund" that support participants who can’t pay the full tuition fee.

Diversity fund

Despite its international character, the YIP participant group often lacks representation from different socio-economic demographics. Because the content of YIP often focuses on global challenges as well as an individual capability to take on multiple perspectives, it is essential that there is a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences present at YIP.

In order to meet this need, the YIP Diversity Fund strives to support 2-4 participants who would benefit and thrive from attending this type of education but otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Be an Internship host

Do you have a social entrepreneurial organisation/business/initiative that’s aligned with the mission of YIP to create positive change in the world?

A place where YIP participants can learn on a practical level how it is to run a social entrepreneurial organisation/business/initiative and find their way to share their skills with you and the world?

Are you willing to host young people (a group of 3 - 5 participants) from all around the world for 4 - 7 weeks?

To create meaningful experiences that balance service and learning, YIP bases the international learning placement on these five conditions:
1. Clear focus: Each learning placement has a theme and sector. For example: sustainable agriculture, education, community development, governance, creative arts, etc.
2. Regional hosts and/or mentors: There is at least one person in the organization involved in the introduction, planning, hosting and debrief calls with the organizing team and Yippies.
3. Basic agreements: There is an accommodation proposal, food proposal, budget proposal and size of group created in advance.
4. Co-creation with Yippies: The hosts are willing and able to co-create the itinerary and complete the budget.
5. Value exchange: What can Yippies contribute to your place and organization? What might Yippies learn? The hosts create a list of learning opportunities which they also source from Yippies’ interests. Each YIP participant will submit a biography of skills they would like to contribute.

Are you ready to bring the energy of societal entrepreneurship into your work? Are you keen to co-create a learning experience with YIP?
If this resonates with you and the organizations you are involved with, please write to [email protected] and become an learning placement host!