Rachel Ingvad

Rachel J. Ingvad was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. As a child she also lived in England, Germany and Massachusetts USA. For high school she attended High Mowing Waldorf School and returned to Boston to study and graduate from the University of Massachusetts. A year after graduating with a BS in biology and honors in art, she moved to Sacramento California where she became a professional painter and yoga teacher. After ten years there, she decided to hit the road spring of 2011 and see what happens. Since then other than spending 10 months in Ytterjärna working with YIP, she has been without a permanent residence, traveling in Europe and North America.

Rachel is interested in the development of the human being in light of freedom and love. Guided by the principle that there are no spiritual time-outs, she is steps into her work with passion and conviction, with the maxim that every human being is on earth to be amazing and themselves. For more information go to www.raestar.com.

(12 December 2011)

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