Christianne Aikins

Christianne is a sustainable development professional with experience across Asia and the Americas. She has worked with government, nonprofits, and grassroots organizations to enhance food security, build climate resilience, and promote sustainable development using a complex systems approach in countries such as Afghanistan, Tonga, Guatemala, Laos, and the Philippines. These projects included training and capacity building, stakeholder engagement, research, and policy development. Other consultancies have focused on strategic planning and business development for organizations providing services to refugees in the US and post-conflict communities in Central America.


As a big believer in education as a transformative process, Christianne has also developed educational programs and facilitated workshops for a range of clients, focusing on cross-cultural learning on challenging topics such as climate change, war and conflict, race, gender, and political economy. These include programs for the National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan, UC Berkeley, various National Meteorological Services in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, and youth programs in the US.