Allan Kaplan

Allan Kaplan is a development practitioner, teacher and writer.  He is the author of The Development Practitioner’s Handbook, Artists of the Invisible, and, most recently, Fugitive.  Also of A Delicate Activism, written together with Sue Davidoff. He was the founder and former director of the Community Development Resource Association, and is currently co-founder and co-director of the Proteus initiative (together with Sue) which works out of South Africa. He works internationally out of The Proteus Initiative, founded as a vehicle for developing the organic and holistic methods of JW von Goethe into a new understanding and approach to the sphere of social renewal.  His work is an attempt to realise the full consequences of true participation, of socio-ecological complexity, and of an emerging consciousness which holds freedom and responsibility as a generative polarity in the quest for wholeness.  He and Sue have also established the Towerland Wilderness in South Africa as a space for communion with nature and for the learning that may come through immersion in nature.