Nikolas Bieleit-Medicus

Nikolas is a psychologist, philosopher, and dedicated Zen practitioner. After working in a change consultancy he became a freelancer and now offers his services as a facilitator, trainer and coach. He helps people find orientation, overcome limiting habits and narratives, and transform conflictual or avoidant relationships. To that end, he supports the expansion of sensemaking, empathetic communication, and the development of mindfulness. His work is most influenced by the psychologists Karl Weick and Irvin Yalom, the existential phenomenologies of Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and Heidegger, and by Buddhism and Taoism as they come together in Zen.


Nikolas focuses on our ways of trying to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty. Doubt and conflict are the most prominent struggles of his clients. Nikolas believes, however, that the energy of conflict and doubt also signals our will to assume responsibility. It can expand our vision and initiate empowering transformation. We must learn, however, to handle it well. To Nikolas, self-awareness, communication, and mindfulness are the way to go.