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Elias Romualdez

Elias Romualdez, born in the Philippines and based in Metro-Manila, is a facilitator of workshops that focus on processes of harnessing collective intelligence for social transformation, and is a strong advocate for humane technology. He currently does research around questions of how technology can empower us in becoming more connected with reality rather than detached, emphasising a possible path of technological development that is not dominated by market logic and arms races, but is instead driven by a deeper epistemological understanding of ourselves, and a radical re-imagining of the role technology plays in our society. He is currently a student enrolled in an MIT Sloan Sustainable Development Global program that focuses on trisectoral development frameworks rooted in perspectives from the Asia-Pacific region. Elias has also recently began to explore and engage in Web3 projects in the Philippines that takes interest in the potential of how new ideas in this space look to reshape the our relationship with internet.

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