1. DSC06043-min (1)

    YIP Newsletter September 2016 – Landing feet; landing hearts

    The locals speak of September as the month of a ‘second summer’, and the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the YIP office windows agrees. Wasps buzz lazily on a light breeze, the apples are all red now and hanging ripe, […]

  2. Sunset

    YIP Newsletter August 2016 – It’s that time of year again

    It’s that time of year again Here in Ytterjärna the nights are beginning to darken and the apples are turning red. The sun is slowly kissing us goodbye and cool winds herald the arrival of autumn. Here in Ytterjärna there […]

  3. JarnaYtterjarnaStormSummer

    YIP Newsletter June/July 2016 – The Great Wide Open

    The epic splash from the twenty-five souls thrown softly into the Järnian pool has long ago been reabsorbed.  The ripples, which ebbed and bounced in beautiful arcs and coils for almost a year, have also departed for new horizons. As […]

  4. AlanusUniversityLogo

    Alanus University and YIP: In Cooperation

    Recently The International Youth Initiative Program has signed a cooperation agreement with Alanus University in Bonn, Germany, and more precisely, with the Institute of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the University. Alanus University has developed fast over the last 20 years and now has a […]

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    YIP Newsletter May 2016 – Beginning to End

    The end is approaching with a rapidity that seems to persistently increase.  Yet to pause in a moment, has Time fade to the background or drop away completely and what is left is blissful.  Laughter issuing from open windows as the […]

  6. SpringFjordFlowers

    YIP Newsletter April 2016 – Spring Vibes

    The explosiveness of the Swedish spring is imminent.  The birds have returned to their chortling rousts and the yellows, greens and purples are making their way out of their sleeping bulbs.  There is something magical about this time.  Just like […]

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    YIP Newsletter March 2016 – Into the Foodture and Beyond

    As if on cue, curious green sprouts poked through soggy earth on the first day of spring, to gaze upon the world they had left behind in autumn.  The straight-backed, purple crocuses and modest snowbells exchanged excited laughs, reuniting with […]

  8. blurb

    YIP Newsletter February 2016 – The Journey Returns

    A slight feeling of warmth has returned to the rays of sun that cut diagonal light through the still-frozen tree branches and cast their long shadows in the patchy snow.  Like the sun, the Yippies too have returned with embracing […]

  9. winterfjord

    YIP Newsletter December 2015 – Into the New Year

    Silence has settled on Ytterjärna as the Yippies lift off to various destinations for the Winter break, and readying themselves for the internship journeys that lay beyond.  It has been a wild ride these last few weeks and months with so […]