YIP is a holistic education in Järna, Sweden that gives youth 18-28 a chance to explore their fullest potential and take initiative towards a better world.

Coming up at YIP:

Date/Time Event
31 Aug - 04 Sep
Week 36

Introduction Week

Introduction Week, with: Team

07 Sep - 11 Sep
Week 37
Edgard Gouveia Jr

Playing to Change the World

With: Edgard Gouveia Júnior

14 Sep - 18 Sep
Week 38

Place Making

With: Kiara Nagel

21 Sep - 25 Sep
Week 39
Eduardo Shimahara

From Complexity Theory to Food Revolution

With: Eduardo Shimahara

28 Sep - 02 Oct
Week 40
LevinsonF. James

Global Food and Nutrition

With: Jim Levinson




YIP Newsletter August 2015 – The New Chapter

Although the summer holidays have drawn to a close with children back at school and the YIP office again buzzing with life, the Swedish summer is still in full swing.  The gardens are overflowing with vegetables and flowers of all […]


YIP Newsletter July 2015 – The Closing of a Chapter

Almost silence.  It came like the moment after a warm thunderstorm passes over and the birds come out from cover.  It fell upon the place like a stealthy blanket, somewhat bewildering, but graceful and soothing.  Before it arrived, a wave […]