How do we have to be for

each to be free?

June 20 – 25, 2015

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YIP is a holistic education in Järna, Sweden that gives youth 18-28 a chance to explore their fullest potential and take initiative towards a better world.

Coming up at YIP:

Date/Time Event
01 Jun - 05 Jun
Week 23
Inte Koster

Outdoor Experience

With: Inte Koster

08 Jun - 12 Jun
Week 24

Morning: "My Future In the Bigger Picture" Afternoon: Preparation IF

Mornings with: Rembert Biemond and Christianne Sinoo
Afternoons with: YIP – participants

15 Jun - 19 Jun
Week 25

Preparation IF / Open Space

With: YIP – participants

20 Jun - 25 Jun
Week 25
Initiative Forum

Initiative Forum

With: World Community

29 Jun - 03 Jul
Week 27

Closing Week

With: Team and Orland Bishop




YIP Newsletter April 2015 – Internships and Initiative

It has been a quiet time here in Ytterjärna for those of us who have remained behind.  But slowly those beating hearts have trickled back into this mysterious place that we have all come to know as ‘home’.  The quietness […]


Reflections on YIP

Dear friends, I wrote the text below in the spring of this year, 2014, at a time when the continuation of the program and its organization where wavering on the edge of existence. I felt called to share my view […]