YIP10 Applications are OPEN

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We are pleased to announce that Applications are Open for YIP10 2017-2018!

We are looking forward to come into conversation with anyone who has questions about or interest in the Program.  Because of this growing and awe inspiring network, we can make it possible for potential applicants to chat with an Alumni, perhaps even from the area that the applications is coming from, to find out more about what happens in YIP and what it is like to be a participant.

If you or anyone else has any questions, and/or would like to speak with a program coordinator, be in touch by writing to info@yip.se or phone the office by dialing +46 (0)8 5517 0087

Looking forward to yet another amazing year!
The Organizing Team

Apply for YIP

Are you between 18 & 28 years old? Do you speak, write and understand English? Do you have a basic sense of the global challenges we are facing as humanity? Do you want to understand these challenges better? Are you driven, willing, engaged and involved? Do you want to learn how to work together with other people in creating a better world? Then join our 10-month program!

Is YIP for you?

Are you ready for a full-time learning experience, living in community, where you can actively engage in various elements of a diverse curriculum?  YIP is looking for people who are excited to take their learning into their own hands; entrepreneurial, self-motivated individuals who will work with one another to create the learning environment that they deserve.  We give you the best content and contributors we can find, you bring your unique gifts and energy and together we will create the authentically diverse experience that is YIP.

What is the purpose of the application-process?

The application procedure aims to give us a picture of who you are, the questions you carry, and where we can meet you on your path. Through your answers we hope to find out how you see the world, yourself and why YIP would make sense for you in your life. We appreciate honesty, authenticity and thoroughness of the application.

Please note: For participating in YIP you are yourself responsable that you can enter Sweden and Brasil with the passport you have. EU, Swiss, Norwegian and Icelandic passports qualify. Many other passports qualify also without any further formalities or visa (So called visa excempt countries). Have a look at our visa page to get some more information. Have a look at our visa page to get some more information.