Portrait Painting

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09 Nov - 13 Nov - 08:45 - 12:30

Through struggles we get to know ourselves better and through knowing ourselves better we get to know the world better. We will study portraiture by painting a self-portrait. What do we see? What do we miss? How do I move forward when I don’t know what to do? Allowing the discipline of classical portraiture to bring up questions that are ubiquitous within any pursuit of self- knowledge, we will refine our ability to see. Even though this course will move beyond classical portraiture, we will rigorously be working with seeing and as our guide to capturing faces I will be using examples from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Dr. Betty Edwards. For further preparation finding a book on your favorite portrait painter could also be a source of inspiration and an example of technique.

Rachel Miller

Biography Rachel J. Miller was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. As a child she also lived in England, Germany and Massachusetts USA. For high school she attended High Mowing Waldorf School and returned to Boston to study and graduate from the […]

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