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26 Mar - 31 Mar - All Day

Into the Foodture – Feeding Change 

The participants of The International Youth Initiative Program are inviting 300 young change makers from all over the world to gather in the Swedish center of bio-dynamic agriculture for Initiative Forum 2016: Into the Foodture – Feeding Change.  The Forum will feature a menu almost entirely of local produce and will be an exploratory journey into health and nutrition, sustainable agriculture and the celebration around food that is uniquely human.

Into the foodture PosterBy inviting chefs, farmers, producers and consumers from different places in the world, we would like to raise awareness about what sustains us.

How is our relationship to the world expressed through the foods we choose?
What does it mean to nourish our bodies as well as our souls?
How can we make a heart‘s connection between delicious chocolate, child labour, mass meat production and disappearing rainforests?

We want to expand our understanding of the whole picture of the world we create every day by eating. The conference will revolve around the entire process of growing, harvesting, transporting, selling and cooking before the food winds up on your plate.

The conference will feature speakers who will shed light on different topics. It will  balance information with hands-on action, with the aim of empowering people to take not only their health and wellbeing into their own hands, but also the health of our planet.
We invite you to join us in planting seeds of change, with which we can grow an abundant future for us all.

The conference will take place from the 26th-31st of March in Ytterjärna, Sweden.  Register here!

The International Youth Initiative Program - Kulturcentrum Järna 13 - SE-15391 Järna -

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