Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

YIP is one of a kind. It is a program that educates adults holistically–head, heart, and hands. YIP builds a fresh, hopeful world in the minds of young people every year.

And YIP relies on you, its network, its family.

What is your relationship to YIP? Are you a YIP alum who participated in a year of self-discovery and created a network of deep friendship? Are you a parent whose child returned home from YIP transformed? Are you a community member who has watched YIP grow and evolve over the years?  Maybe you are a fellow idealist working in a parallel stream who has arrived on this webpage. Whoever you are, now is the time to give.

There are organizations that can rely on profit, advertisement, or the government. YIP is not one of those organisations. YIP is education liberated. And you can help YIP maintain this freedom. Put your money where your heart is. Donate to YIP.

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