Swedish Student Visas

Students who are not citizens of Sweden/EU/EEA/Nordic countries will need a Student Visa to study at YIP.

Participants Applying as citizens of EU Countries

Citizens of the EU/EEA/Nordic countries, are allowed to study in Sweden without contacting the Swedish Migration Board. Citizens of Switzerland need to apply for a residence permit when studying in Sweden. Residence permits Swiss citizens.

Participants Applying as citizens of Non-EU Countries

It is highly recommended that you apply for your Student Visa at least 3 months before your arrival in Sweden.

Payment in advance?

In some instances, where we have noticed that it has been difficult to obtain a student visa, the program reserves the right to request payment of costs in advance. In return the program will send you an invoice showing the payment made, which can then be used as supporting documentary evidence for the visa application process, which may strengthen your application. If your visa is refused, the full sum, minus the non-refundable element of the deposit and any bank charges, will be refunded.

Details and Requirements

For details and requirements on Swedish Visas and Permits please visit: www.studyinsweden.se and www.migrationsverket.se (look under “Other Types of Study”).

Also please contact the YIP office if you have questions or need further help or documentation for your Visa application.

More legal information regarding your Visa and YIP under Terms and Conditions.