Tips for Financing your YIP Year

Tips for Financing your YIP Year

Be Proactive

Many participants in the past have been very successful through being proactive in their  local community. Raising funds through donations and actions may seem intimidating, but it is a great opportunity to show how much you wish to participate in YIP.

Mobilize your Network

Get the word out! We suggest you write a letter describing your wish to attend YIP and how you feel it can be a positive next step in your life. Describe YIP and include a flyer (order free flyers). Some example recipients:

  • Your School
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Local Charitable Societies like Lions Club or Rotary
  • Religious Institutions (like Churches, Mosques, Temples, etc).

There are probably many more where you live. Try contacting a local youth worker, educational advisor or someone else with a good overview.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships

There are probably more foundations, charities, scholarships, etc. in your country or region who can financially support your YIP year than what you are aware of. Many web sites and catalogs list such institutions. Ask someone who may know where to find more information or try Googling for it.

Read the requirements for each grant carefully before applying. It will help you write a better application.

YIP Diversity Fund

Diversity within the student body is an important aspect of the YIP experience and we want to see participants come from as many different countries as possible.  If accepted, the YIP Diversity Fund might be able to help you get here.  If you are based outside Western Europe, Canada, the United States or Brazil you might qualify.  We are fundraising to help eligible participants to cover 40% of the Participating Costs.  We expect you to fundraise yourself as per above suggestions before contacting us for the Diversity Fund.

YIP Scholarship Fund

To make YIP more accessible we are currently fundraising to give eligible participants a scholarship equal to 25% of the Program Cost.  We expect you to fundraise yourself as per above suggestions before contacting us for the  Scholarship Fund.

Please do not hesitate to apply for YIP. Once you have been accepted, we will do what we can to support your fundraising efforts further. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.