Application Process

Applications for YIP10 are OPEN

If you are applying for YIP10 please the YIP Application 2017-2018 that will guide you through the right steps of the application process:

YIP10 Application Form

We are receiving and processing Applications on an ongoing basis, and accepting eligible participants as we do so.  When we have reached an appropriate number of participants, the application process will be closed.  This means there is no set date that applications will be closed.  Our suggestion to you, dear applicant, would be to start your application process now! That way we will have you in the database, and if we are getting close to capacity we will send out a note to all the applicants who have not completed their process.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Good luck, from the YIP Organizers!

Application - Apply

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Please use contact information where we can reach you between now and the beginning of YIP.
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Please remember the country code, e.g.: +1 for USA/Canada, or +46 for Sweden.
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