The Program and its Aims

The Program

The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) is primarily concerned with strengthening the capacity of young people to take an active role in fostering positive cultural, social, environmental and economic change that will benefit all sections of society and eliminating social injustice, poverty and inequality.  YIP is global in scope and international in concept and sees real benefits in bringing young people together from all parts of the world to reflect on the meaning and impact of globalization.  YIP pays tribute to young peoples’ potential and ability as cultural creatives within local communities and society at large.

YIP is a full-time educational program under the YIP association and Kulturcentrum Järna. YIP is situated in Järna, Sweden (photo gallery), at Kulturcentrum Järna and is organized by an international group of people, supported by a network of individuals and organizations around the world.

Youth 18 to 28 years old work with international experts, doers and innovators, in one week intensive courses that give an overview of current global issues, the challenges faced in society, and encourage an active role in the big picture. The participants learn the skills and knowledge needed to recognize social challenges and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage an initiative for social change.

The theory is combined with practical exercises, projects and engagements with the community, to make sure the participants get hands-on knowledge. In attempting to balance Doing, Feeling and Thinking, the more theoretical and practical aspects of the program, there are also artistic courses and workshops throughout the year. As well as the previously mentioned engagements at local organizations and initiatives, the curriculum includes a six-week internship abroad.

The Aims

YIP is an action-oriented venture that seeks to provide young people with opportunities to recognize their potential to work with each other and with communities to enrich their lives and the lives of all those with whom they come into contact.

YIP is rooted in an understanding and is aimed at furthering comprehensive sustainable development through a commitment to social harmony and the importance of local solutions to local problems, with the full involvement of local communities.

The unique contribution of YIP strives to bring the creative energies of young people into direct contact with the needs and aspirations of local communities.  Through this engagement YIP facilitates the growth and development of both the young people and the communities in which they develop their activities.