YIP is about taking Initiative.

The success of YIP relies on a mutual commitment by everyone involved.
The staff commits to high quality content for the program, staying flexible to adapting the program according to actual needs. Creating a personalized positive learning experience, and securing effective use of financial resources.

The participants are expected to commit to attending the program in full, to pay their course expenses and to act responsibly in any of the roles they may take on in their community engagements during YIP.

As the name suggests, YIP is about initiative, not about sitting back and consuming what is prepared in the program. It’s about each taking on their initiative in a responsible way. Not just for themselves, but also for others and without harming anyone in the process. Only active involvement from all parties will make YIP a healthy and productive learning experience.

In order to gain a real sense of community and with the effect of keeping costs for participation low, everybody (staff and participants) is asked to contribute time and work to help the functioning of daily life at YIP. This involves different duties and activities that benefit all, like cooking, gardening, cleaning etc.