Anthroposophically inspired

The following is intended to elaborate the Anthroposophical context out of which YIP has developed and with which it cooperates; YIP’s understanding of Anthroposophy and to ensure YIP is not understood as restricted to this context.

Fundamentally YIP is committed to provide a safe, nurturing and creative “home” for the exploration of deep human questions and has no role at all in imposing a framework of any kind.

It is one of the unique traits of our period in history that, just at the point when the human species has created very serious challenges to the future of humanity, the same humanity has uncovered very powerful cognitive frameworks and practical approaches such as, but not limited to, Anthroposophy, that have the power to move humanity to a new, more profound level of evolution. YIP, by its very nature and striving, seeks to connect to these diverse streams of genuine efforts in humanity.

It is the intention of the founders to give YIP an identity that is mindful of, and pays tribute to the diverse expressions which exist and are emerging in our time; identities that are moving in a similar direction, but use very different sets of languages.

YIP acknowledges that the different identities of the world access the common reality of humanity in different ways. It understands Anthroposophy as one of these ways, but is open to other comprehensive/integral or even specialized views of the world that authentically strive to advance human civilization.

The term anthroposophy links the Greek roots anthropos, human, and Sophia, wisdom. One can translate it as: “the knowledge of the nature of man”. In these terms YIP seeks to advance comprehensive sustainable development based on an integral understanding of this ‘nature of man’ and all it’s expressions in society.

Understanding and knowledge form the cognitive basis/framework from which we direct our actions; therefore the development caused by our actions can only be as sustainable, humane and comprehensive as the understanding we have of ourselves, humanity, and the world in which we live. To ensure the broadest possible basis/framework, YIP intends to freely connect to many complementary wisdoms and experiences from the different philosophical, cultural and spiritual traditions of the world; ‘freely’ in this case meaning, without conditioning these engagements with an endorsement of the views of either parts of such connection.

YIP is committed to a wide-ranging exploration of important issues affecting the human condition and the future of mankind and society, and this exploration has no “tram-lines” or boundaries. YIP seeks ways to understand the common principles and forces that are active in shaping both self and world; in order that the actions directed out of such a more integral knowledge/understanding may be for the benefit of comprehensive sustainable development of humanity and the planet. It understands Anthroposophy and it’s practical applications as one of these ways.

Given the above understanding and interpretation, YIP and its organizing team consider themselves Anthroposophically inspired.