Visit while the program is in Sweden

Many people are interested in visiting The Youth Initiative Program for various reasons.  Perhaps you want to better understand the program or visit a friend or relative who is participating?  In any case, we want to make you feel welcome and at home. Below we offer an overview of the options you have while visiting YIP.

What are good times to visit?

Open courses

Some of the courses are open to the public, a great opportunity to experience YIP for a week! Please note that all other courses are designed specifically for YIP participants and are not open to the public.

see the list of open courses
The Initiative Forum

The Initiative Forum is an annual, week-long forum with contributors, initiatives, alumni, participants, projects, dialogue, music, and much more.  It is an excellent way to get to know YIP and it's network!  Visit for more information.
Please note: Initiative Forum 2021 will be held online.

Other times

You are of course welcome to visit YIP anytime the program is running in its Sweden location, however advanced notice is appreciated.  If you are planning a visit, please contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

How to get here?

You can reach Järna easily from Stockholm and take the bus or drive to Ytterjärna. 

Find out how to get to Ytterjärna


In YIP participant housing

YIP offers two options for accommodation in Tallevana student house: a double room, and a four bed, dorm-style room. The price for a night accommodation is SEK 150 (± 17 EUR) per night or 900 SEK per week (± 100 EUR) (max. 7 nights).  You will have access to a shared kitchen and shared bathrooms. Each room has its own wash basin facilities and towels and sheets will be provided. If you are interested in staying in the YIP guest room please contact [email protected]

Kulturcentrum Järna Guest Housing

You can rent a room at Kulturcentrum Järna guest housing, which is directly adjacent the YIP participant housing. Kulturcentrum guest housing provides a few different options. For prices and bookings contact Kulturcentrum via +46(0)8-554 302 51 or [email protected]

Kulturhuset Hotell

Ytterjärna Hotel is a retreat and conference hotel in Ytterjärna, about 3 minutes walk from where the YIP courses take place on the campus and right next to the culture house. The accommodation ranges from single rooms to suites. More information here.

Please note: The Hotel is currently closed.


YIP participants and staff eat lunch and dinner together in the YIP dining house.

Lunch: 50 SEK Local biodynamic vegetarian meal provided by a local kitchen
Dinner: 30 SEK Vegetarian meal cooked by YIP Participants served at the YIP building

If you are staying overnight you can eat breakfast with the YIP participants.

Breakfast: 25 SEK Includes coffee, tea, cereals, milk or alternative milk, toast, jam, peanut butter

You will need to book these meals at least a week in advance, but you can pay for them on site. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available when booked a week in advance. All YIP meals are 100% organic and seasonal. To book meals contact [email protected] .


You can pay in advance with:  Paypal, using [email protected] or Bank Transfer or Cash upon arrival in SEK or with Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard)