Turning Evolutionary Insight in Holistic Action

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09 Feb - 13 Feb - 08:45 - 12:30

This course will explore how we turn evolutionary vision and insights gleaned from deep reflection into engaged action for ourselves, our communities and the planet.  We live in a world of paradox; birth and death, being and doing, inner and outer, heart and mind, masculine and feminine…  How can we bridge these paradoxes to open up new ways of being in and engaging with the world around us?  The arc of this course will follow the ancient three fold structure of the rite of passage experience, found in cultures across the planet; severance, threshold and reincorporation.  A similar structure can also be found in Theory U; letting go, sensing, and actualising.

Themes of the week, which we will explore experientially, include but are not limited to: the power of story, systems theory, adult development, AQAL (four quadrants), nature connection, regenerative community development, ritual, rites of passage, pilgrimage, dialogue and movement building.

Weston Pew

Biography Weston hails from the Rocky Mountains of western Montana and is the founder and director of Inner Wild, a regenerative leadership program that uses contemplative tools such as pilgrimage, group dialog, rites of passage and nature connection to cultivate a deeper understanding of and relationship to self, Earth and community.  Inner Wild currently runs programs in Montana and New …