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Tormod Bjørnstad

Country of origin: Norway

YIP Weekly theme: Communication – Speech, Writing and PR


Tormod (born 1949) started out as a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Oslo, Norway (1971–81). He later worked as a school book editor for four years. He then worked as director of information and education, later secretary general, in two employer federations (1984–91). Since 1991 he has been running a communication consultancy offering training and tools for effective and high quality communication. He has developed a new method called Nivåmetoden, the Progressive Levels Method. His customers are mostly the Norwegian governmental departments, and some international companies and organizations. For the last five years he has also been working part-time as a project manager in the development of cultural faculties in schools: music, theater, dance, arts, etc. Tormod is married and has three adult children. He loves music and has been conducting amateur wind bands, orchestras and choirs for more than 30 years.

Workshop: Communication – Speech, Writing and PR

How to succeed in conveying your message through speech, writing and public relations.

Being understood is important if you want support, trust and money for what you believe in. Learn how to use a method for good communication in applications, presentations and project descriptions. Together we will work with concrete problems faced by the participants with a general focus on project descriptions, letter and report writing, agendas, press releases and presentations. How can you speak with confidence in any assembly? Many general examples and templates will also be used.

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