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Teresa D. Ruelas


Teresa D. Ruelas or “Tressa” loves:

  • Journeying with individuals, groups and networks to discover their essence and reason for being and co-create with them the culture to BE in keeping with their spirit or essence.
  • Organizing, leading, facilitating, witnessing a Co-Creative effort, initiative, project or organization to fruition in keeping with its purpose and spirit.
  • BEING in the midst of an unfolding new idea with passionate others using the practices of deep listening, dialogue, creativity and emergence to birth the new.
  • Loving the emergence and power of the living Story of a place, culture, environment and people.

Presently, Teresa is:

  • Co-Founder and CEO of The Nomadic Tales Philippines Inc.: Transforming through the Power of Story, a start-up company based in the Philippines, to produce through various modes, stories that lift the Spirit and transform the consciousness of the audience and storytellers. NT’s first production is a children’s tour book series called “I See the Philippines”. This is expanding to an I See Kids Tours, to develop towns into tourist destinations that share the experience of their ‘essential story’. Tours to their towns will be a source of their livelihood. Thinking of expanding internationally.
  • Co-Founder and Area Node Representative for the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking (MISSION), Philippines. Partnered in transforming the 2010 presidential campaign community into an active, effective, growing movement called MISSION. She also is part of the Birthing Center that is responsible for listening, sensing, monitoring and growing the health, vibrancy and effectiveness of the whole movement.
  • Community Organizer for poor communities of mothers in northern Cebu, badly hit by Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda), November 2011. Consultant to the Provincial Planning and Development Office of Cebu Province and the municipality of Alegria.
  • Co-Lead for the newly established campaign for a #GMO Free Cebu in close partnership with growing number of independent organic farmers and ecologically- and health-conscious consumers.
  • Co-Founded Movement for a Livable Cebu a multi-sectoral group of concerned citizens to stop the construction of 7 senseless and destructive flyovers over the center of Cebu City. This all-volunteer organization represents and builds the voice of Civil Society, and has evolved to steward the transformation of Metro-Cebu into a livable city, in partnership with government, business and civil society agencies.
  • Founding Member of two very vibrant and active women’s circles – Chakra and the 3Witches – which started almost 30 years ago. Both delve in deep inquiry and dialogue into the life phases and issues of Woman. We steep ourselves in these through ceremony, ritual, dance, art, and all of the collective’s expressions of life.

The milestones on her path were:

  • With her life partner, Brad Reddersen, led a nomadic storyweaver life for a year in Italy, living among the local residents to take in an unknown culture and live out the enduring questions of life, community, beauty, love.
  • With one of her deep soul friends (Anam Cara), created the 5-year dialogue group of 16-20 men and women called the DNA of Relationships deeply exploring the 4 S’s – Sensuality, Sexuality, Spirituality & Service.
  • Founder and Co-Lead of Women’s Networks 3.0 (WN3.0), USA. Created a dialogue group and network of women consultants, business executives and leaders of non-governmental organizations to learn together and discover ways to increase the true nature and effectiveness of women.
  • Founder, CEO, Visionary Editor of Offerings Publications, Inc., USA.Founded a start-up dedicated to telling the new story of Woman – her true voice, her dreams, her desires, her gifts – as lived by the courageous, creative and spiritual women of the 21st century.
  • Senior Organization Development (OD) consultant at several Silicon Valley (Northern California) companies, lastly withSilicon Graphics (SGI), USA.


Workshop: Tapping the Collective Wisdom & Co-Creativity for the Greater Good

This is a journey into ourselves, individually and collectively, to develop our capacity to tap our collective wisdom and realize a deeper co-creativity as sacred practices for doing our Work in the world. Frameworks and methodologies we would use along the path would be Dialogue (Bohmian), Appreciative Inquiry, Energy Levels of Consciousness, Community Development, 7 Dimensions of Sustainability and MISSION.

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