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Susan Bäucke Kollem

Susan Bäucke Kollem is an art therapist working in a studio in Ytterjärna.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, she moved to Switzerland to study international management of tourism. Working for the German National Tourist Board in Frankfurt/M – Germany, Chicago – USA and Stockholm – Sweden for many years, Susan decided to give her life another direction and started studying Waldorf pedagogy and curative education in Stockholm and Järna. 

The work as a teacher was very satisfactory – and was completed with an art therapy study in 2002. 

Since 2006 she is working within this field, having the creative process of art as a form of nonverbal communication.

Therapeutic painting, modelling/sculpturing are methods developed through an anthroposophical approach. They want to serve as a creative process addressing the soul forces thinking, feeling and willing.

The aim is to stimulate a degree of self-regulation, the activation of resources and the gain of freedom in everyday life.

The therapeutic approach is oriented towards actions- and experiences in the context of the arts. Imaginative suggestions, sensual impressions, emerging feelings and thoughts create images in the form of paintings, drawings or sculptures.

Anthroposophical art therapy adapts entirely to your needs and questions.  Diagnostics and interventions are based on Rudolf Steiner’s human studies and Goethe’s phenomenology. 

Susan is a contributor for the weekly Creative Sessions, using various mediums to practice art therapy with the participants.

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