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Solveig Helga Zophoniasdottir

Solveig (Solla) Zophoniasdottir is a process facilitator and is working independently in the broad field of education through facilitation, curriculum development, leadership workshops, process leadership and coaching. In addition to her independent work she is involved in developing the hosting practices for the HUB Copenhagen.

Her main focus is the exploration of the relationship between social and environmental sustainability. She believes that it is essential to create the conditions that support community building and enhancing social trust by engaging in conversations that matter and developing fields of collaboration.

Solla is educated from the Kaospilots in Aarhus, school of project, process and leadership and she holds a master in strategic leadership towards sustainability.  She loves the magic combination of great food and great conversations and will often be found planning her next big get together.

Art of Hosting and Chaordic design

The training focuses on the principles behind group and organizational dynamics, the art of being conscious and practice of the methods that can activate collective intelligence.

The core practices of The Art of Hosting training help people talk and work together in ways that minimize conflict and maximize mutual understanding leading to wise and effective action.

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