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Shrinath van Praag


Shrinath van Praag is Head Educational Partners for MasterPeace. MasterPeace offers innovative, project-oriented education linked to “out of the box”-methods and techniques for peace-building. These lessons are suitable for schools that value social involvement and empowerment. Students practice peace building in four fases: Inner peace, peace in their own environment and peace outside their familiar boundaries. They create expressions of reconciliation we call Masterpeaces, like paintings, songs, movies, dance, theatre, etc. Through the use of new media and cooperation with festivals we create space for exposure of these expressions of togetherness. Key words are: Positivity, creative talent, just do it, social entrepreneurship. 

What is MasterPeace?

MasterPeace is a bottom-up peace initiative with the goal of getting as many people as possible involved in peace building. By linking peace to music, art, and social media, we want to mobilize at least 20 million people internationally. Creativity, positivity and collaboration are at the heart of MasterPeace. That’s why we build bridges, we are like wind beneath the wings of those who have for years been committed to peace and we inspire others to also start their own peace building projects.

MASTERPEACE. Creating peace. Together

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