Sarah Denie

Sarah Denie is a teacher of economics. Or rather, someone who invites and triggers you to ask questions on true value. And then act upon it.

After being educated in mainstream neo-liberal economics (and questioning all its models and assumptions), starting her career in the financial industry (while learning the truth about money), she worked as a researcher on global (un)sustainability issues. Whilst earning her money by laying bare the destruction of human and earth dignity, she fed her soul by being a host in the then developing Impact Hub Amsterdam.

Ever since, Sarah has been dedicated to radical systems change, understanding that change towards a healthy society can only occur through the realization of connectedness and transformation of our deepest beliefs on value and value-creation.

As the founder of Beautiful Economy, Sarah has developed courses and taught in both very progressive and more mainstream education institutions. In the Netherlands, she co-founded Spring College.

Currently, Sarah and her partner are developing their life project in Spain, hoping to renovate a beautiful abandoned hydro-electric plant into a local and international learning center for sustainable living.