Pieter Ploeg

Since 2009 I have dedicated my efforts towards accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society on a thriving and resilient living earth. I strongly believe soil is the acupuncture point threw which we can restore our relationship with the earth, and tackle biodiversity, food, climate and resilience. Currently I operate through the entity Common Soil. Our Common Soil as the basis of civilisations, the source of our food and the place we will all return to. Common Soil also as our common ground, from which we can collaborate like never before as one global community.

My current projects include 4 Returns Landscape Lab Facilitation with Commonland and fulfllling the Global Tree Restoration Potential with a focus on agroforestry and regenerative agriculture.

A recent project is Summer of Soil, a summer program to raise awareness about living soil, taking place 2019 in Amsterdam.