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Niklas Bruce


Niklas was born and raised in the small university town of Lund in the very south of Sweden. Having organized voluntary initiatives at the Red Cross Youth Division Sweden, Niklas has acquired hands-on experience of leadership in a non-profit context. He´s been involved in the End Ecocide-movement that seeks to criminalize mass-damage and destruction of Earth´s ecosystems together with widely known activist and environmental justice lawyer Polly Higgins.  He holds a bachelor in Environmental Science from Lund University, with a major in Environmental Industrial Economics and a master’s degree in sustainability leadership from Blekinge Institute of Technology. His sustainability approach revolves around the importance of social change, believing that the sustainability challenge ahead of us to a great extent takes place in our minds. The past year Niklas has been involved in various non-for profits, most notably in the End Ecocide movement where he has been the spokesperson. Over the past two years he has developed an interest in the battling of racism and sexism and the psychology behind these -isms. Niklas recently moved to Stockholm where he is tutoring adolescents in various subjects along with delivering lectures on sustainability and behavioral psychology as it relates to sustainability.

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