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Nanna Frank

Country of origin: Denmark
YIP Weekly Theme: Graphic Facilitation & Harvesting

Nanna Frank uses graphic facilitation as a method to create stronger relations and clear communication between people who needs to collaborate and create innovative results. The graphics help to understand the bigger picture of a project/situation and creates a shared language. It empowers the participants in a group to engage, contribute and take responsibility.
Her main focus is on youth, participatory leadership and social innovation.

LEADERSHIP, FACILITATION, PARTICIPATION & CO-CREATION – these are the elements of the way she works.

She has worked on primary and secondary schools in Denmark.  So far she has mainly worked with teachers and headmasters about process facilitation and creative collaboration. She is very interested in exploring participatory processes in complex systems and experiment with the way graphic facilitation can support that process.

To see which projects she has been working with click here.

Nanna is educated from the Kaospilots as a process leader.

Contributor Interview

(16 October 2010)

We ask every contributor a few questions about our global challenges, the skills and capacities they think are needed to meet those challenges, their hopes for the future and more.

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