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Marko Pogačnik


Born 1944, artist, sculptor, working in the field of lithopuncture (acupuncture of the Earth) and geomancy. Work in conceptual art 1965-71 with the OHO Group, and Šempas Family (1971-79) in the field of agriculture-art-spiritual center. After 1986 Earth healing projects with positioning of stone pillars with cosmograms. After 2006 work on Geopuncture Circles, a world-wide project to communicate with Gaia consciousness. Books: Elemental Beings and Nature Spirits, Quantum Leap of the Earth, Sacred Geography…

Elemental Beings and the Sacred Life of the Earth 

The course takes place mainly on different places in the landscape that I have explored during my previous workshops at Yaerna. I teach perception of elemental beings and other subtle dimensions of the landscape, work on land-art projects with materials found and teach how to approach sacred dimensions of life.

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