Maíra Rahme

Maíra is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and is interested in anything that conveys beauty, meaning and truth into the world. Keen on solving problems, she chose to pursue a degree in Design, followed by a specialization in Branding. Later, she joined a training in Sweden called the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), where she learned about new paradigms and ways of being in the world. Returning to Brazil, Maíra worked for three years as a creative strategist at Tátil Design, an award winning design agency. One of her main projects was to improve Tátil’s Branding 3.0 methodology, which supports brands to adapt to new paradigms and generate sustainable value for society and the planet. In 2013, she was called back to Sweden to work on YIP’s program coordination team. This year deepened her appreciation for community, conviviality and new forms of education. She is now attending MSLS to bridge and integrate her experience as a strategist and the insights gained at YIP through hands on experience of leadership and sustainability. She is passionate about oral storytelling and believes this medium carries great power to transmit important messages effectively. She loves anything visual, graphic and aesthetic: when not doodling on her notebooks she is either playing the piano or writing letters – old fashioned style, with stamps and all!