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Jason Meek

Jason is CEO + Founder of The iDeal World, a collaborative learning and creative problem solving firm focused on complex emerging challenges. A seasoned mediator and facilitator, he helpw diverse stakeholders to organize, design, negotiate, and implement strategic alliances, partnerships and change initiatives that span across sectors, cultures and perspectives.

Jason’s background integrates law, business, negotiation, conflict resolution, organizational development, adult learning and leadership over a 15+ year professional career dedicated to building consensus and stronger relationships.  He has developed innovative frameworks, models and training methods in negotiation, conflict resolution and collaborative learning processes that bridge distinct ways of knowing, which he has presented at workshops, training programs and conferences around the world.  He regularly teaches courses in negotiation and deal-making at Berkeley Law and UC Hastings Law, where he serves as adjunct professor.

A scholar practitioner, Jason’s research interests reflect an interdisciplinary approach to transformative adult learning and capacity building in higher education, leadership, organizational development, and social change.  His current work is rooted in stage development theory and explores how contemplative practices – such as critical self-reflection, mindfulness and Jungian approaches –advance our capacity to understand each other, build consensus, resolve conflict, engage adaptive challenges, and enhance creative problem solving.

Theory U

Theory U explores a whole new territory of scientific research and personal leadership. By moving through the “U” we learn to connect to our originating Self. We travel down the left side of the “U” to find ourselves in the realm of presencing, where we learn to sense the future that is seeking to emerge. At that level of operating, we experience the opening of our minds, our hearts and our wills. Yes, this is an intellectual journey, but it’s one that is grounded in real life experience and shared practices. On this journey of sensing, presencing and realizing, we learn new ways of being—ways crucial for each of us at this chaotic time.

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