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Inte Koster

For my Personal Initiative during my YIP year (YIP7) I decided to work around the question I carry of what the connection is between humanity and nature, individuals and the inner nature.
I grew up in a family of two parents and 3 children that took every given opportunity to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy the pureness of nature. Through trekking in various ways we explored the simplest ways of living in all different places and seasons – making our home wherever we went, learning and experiencing the rules of nature and the importance of our relations to our surroundings, each other, and ourselves. When I was 15 (2007), I moved to Sweden as an exchange student and this opened new doors on my path of exploring my longing for the outdoors. The last 3 years of high school I chose to follow a program with extra focus on nature skills and outdoor life. Afterwards, I spent two years exploring new ways and continued the development of old ways of trekking and traveling. This brought me to Sjöviks Folkhögskola in 2013 where I studied a combination of traditional outdoor life, survival skills, crafts, and leadership, all with a focus on nature connection.
I was brought to YIP with the motivation to work around my question about the connection between nature and human in relation to the challenges the world is facing today, and as part of that diving more deeply into personal and group development. I am working with this question through, and in combination with, outdoor experiences during YIP 7 and am part of organising the Outdoor Experience for YIP8 & YIP9.

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