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Frank Chester


Frank is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco. He has taught art for more than thirty years in high schools and colleges. Since encountering the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit. This has led him to do research on the number seven and in 2000 he discovered a new geometric form never seen before. Putting this form through the alchemical transformative process, many previously unknown geometric structures have emerged. Also this geometric form demonstrates a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart. Frank constructed a vortex generator and did water experiments to find how etheric formative forces create the structure of the human heart.

For the last several years he has been teaching sacred geometry at the Waldorf teacher training program in San Francisco. He has been presenting his research at international conferences and Waldorf schools in the United States and Europe.

Workshop: Lawful Transformation in Life

Our world is in need of finding a balance fulcrum grounded in laws that govern harmonious equilibrium of life. Today, we need to bring forces to mankind that not only soothe and reassure but that also inspire by awakening the higher morality that lies latent beyond the polarities of our times.

Alchemy refers to the mechanics of transformation that govern all changes in life. These transformations occur in stages that have distinguishing characteristics, which form a response to a question posed by the thematic elements as indicated:

Earth: What is different?
Water: What is changing?
Air: What is reversing?
Fire: What is transforming?

We will be working these underlying laws that govern change.

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