Bianca Montemarano

The world is a complex, interconnected, multidimensional place, a kaleidoscope of endless possibilities to learn and grow. My year as a YIP participant allowed me to realize the potential we human beings have when we trust, support, and listen to ourselves and the world around us. YIP is a catalyst for these qualities to have a greater presence in the world, and as a part of the organizing team, I want to assist in creating spaces where all that needs to be seen, heard and felt can manifest.

I have a strong passion for connecting to my mind, body and soul through physical movement, being in nature, and conscious breath, and I greatly appreciate when I can witness and hold others in doing what they love.

I’m currently holding many questions around truth and integrity within the individual, how that impacts the collective and how to openly consider and accept the multitude of diverse perspectives, ideas and approaches to life.