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Allan Sousa

Allan was a Civil Engineer who left the bridge area to help build bridges with people. In 2011 Allan co-founded Oxigénio, with the purpose to help individuals and organizations in their transformation. He helps organizations to rethink their structures to become more conscious, human, collaborative and connected with the planet, using a model centered on people and on their relationships. He believes in collective intelligence to co-create true innovation. His work is focused on human development (mindfulness), relational and emotional intelligence (non-violent communication and possibility management) and collective intelligence (world café, open space technology, pro action café). 

He was born in South Africa, lived in Belgium for 3 years and currently lives in Portugal with his wife and 2 teenagers. He has co-founded Rede Educação Viva, which stimulated innovation in education in Portugal. He was an active member of João Sem Medo, a network of entrepreneurs that helps people to undertake and discover their contribution in a place of purpose. Allan is also co-creator of RIPPLES  of the New Experiment, apprentice of the global Reflective Social Practice community, catalyst for the Art of Hosting community in Portugal and a Possibility Management Coach.

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