Alice Machin

The last four years I’ve had a lot of practical experience working in four different farms and gardens in the area. The last growing season I was at Under Tallarna, a CSA market garden from March to November where we were mainly growing vegetables but also organising events and inviting people from the community to be involved. I’ve been studying a Biodynamic gardening course at Skillebyholm part-time. In between gardening apprentices I’ve been working as a Waldorf teacher, mainly to 6 year olds and teaching English. Three years ago I started a farmers market in Järna and Reko-ring, a local produce delivery/pick-up system. At Under Tallarna I mainly worked with vegetable growing, also flowers, and was even responsible for harvest coordinating and deliveries. I’ve had children helping me in the garden and students from the agricultural college, I really enjoy working in the garden with others and especially young people! It’s really exciting to be part of the Yip team and to be starting the garden project together with them!